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Moe and Friends - Animated TV Show

Calm and serene. I was Art Director on this zen kids series produced by The Pop-Up Workshop.
The characters already existed as puppets and it was one of my jobs to translate their look into simple 2D that could be easily animated.
I designed a wide variety of bushes, trees and flowers etc - based on photos of the Coromandel where the show is set. These could be assembled together by the animation company to create backdrops.
I also designed a number of bespoke scenes that were used as pillow shots between the main action, often returning to the same place at different times of the day, or following the course of an insect over time.
The philosophy of the show was to create a calm zone for kids, a kind of wind down before bed.
The limited pallet in muted colours combined with the simple almost cutout forms were designed for this effect.
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